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  • CCTV Cameras

  • What is CCTV? Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) just like the name implies, is essentially a system in which the circuit that a video is transmitted is closed and all the components including the camera, display monitors, and recording devices are connected. The most common use for CCTV is security cameras systems are found in retail stores, banks and government facilities. CCTV is becoming a popular option for smaller business owners and also private homes.

    Your Locksmith Austin Security & technology specialist can install a camera that broadcasts a signal to a CCTV system that is either wired or wireless. Hidden cameras can also be installed as part of your CCTV security system and can be very effective since they are harder to avoid by seasoned criminals. Another solution that your Locksmith Austin security & technology specialist may recommend is dummy cameras which are a low cost deterrent and look just like CCTV cameras, complete with blinking lights.

    For all of your home and commercial business security needs contact the professionals at Locksmith Austin today!